Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Japan Block Party

Master of Ceremonies
Great weather today but uneven lighting conditions at today's event. Clear sky creates areas that are both too dark and too light on subjects. Images can also suffer color cast if one side is lit by direct sunlight while other portions of image are in shade because color temperature of  shade about 40% higher than sunlight.

However shooting subjects in shade can be problematic too because there light has not direction and it too dark. Everything is fast moving at an event so it is challenging to get kind of result you want.

Sample photo using Sun as Hair light
Sample photo using Sun as hair light 
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Increasing exposure compensation by third to full stop during shoot is helpful to raise light levels.
In post production, contrast was increased and white balance was corrected.

In sunny weather conditions, treat strong sun light like as if it were a rim light. Use it to separate subjects from background. If your lucky enough to catch the light at right place and time, it gives snapshots a more fashionable look.

Yosakoi Dance by Tentecomai
Yosakoi Dance by Tentecomai
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Okinawan Goya Champuru is of my favorite dishes.

Meet members from Okinawa American Association of New York (OAANY), Japanese Americans, Japanese in America (JAJA) and Japan Culture NYC at event also.

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