We care
Together visuals is working hard to help build a sustainable society. Its initiatives, based on the Together visuals Environmental Vision, adopt a long-term perspective with a target date of 2050.

Our's goal is to become carbon neutral by leveraging its ability to develop efficient production processes.

All around the world today, the effort is on to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and awareness of the threat of climate change is growing. In December 2009, the Fifteenth Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15) was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Parties agreed on a long-term climate change prevention goal for the year 2050, to limit the average rise in global temperature to no more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Each participating country was to submit its emissions reduction plans to the UN by the end of January 2010. These plans are expected to be achieved by 2020 in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.

Based on this situation, the awareness of general consumers of the environment is growing worldwide. In Europe, North America and Japan, for example, the concept of carbon footprint is already being used, particularly for food products, and it is expected that the ISO will issue a policy on carbon footprint labeling by March 2011. This will enable people to tell at a glance which products cause minimal CO2 emissions, and will help them to choose better products.

Many retailers are actively expanding their use of suppliers with strong environmental initiatives. In North America, companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco are carrying out their own environmental surveys of suppliers, and reviewing the business with those that do not meet their environmental standards.

There are also an increasing number of socially responsible investment (SRI) funds and other ecological funds that invest in companies with high standards for environmental management. Financial institutions also offer preferential interest rates to ecologically sound companies

In other words, society demands that companies have strong performance in environmental management. Companies that fail to meet these new standards will not survive long in this new era.

Combating climate change by providing products that enable paperless lifestyles. By promoting paperless lifestyles, Together Visuals can help offset its CO2 emissions from business activities. This is because paperless lifestyles save natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions arising from the manufacture, use and disposal of paper. Moreover, by helping to avoid the logging of forests, which serve to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, Together Visuals is aiming to offset its emissions and ultimately to become carbon neutral. In other words, Together Visuals' goal is nothing short of reducing its net environmental impact to zero.

Environmental Vision - Environmental Management for 2050

Since its founding, Together Visuals has been providing consumers with innovative products by creating compact, lightweight, slim, and energy efficient technologies. We have helped to create new markets and inspired new cultural phenomenon by enabling people everywhere to acquire products that were previously out of their reach.

Together Visuals' environmental initiatives began in earnest in the 1990s with efforts to comply with environmental regulations and to avoid pollution risk. These activities have since grown into an Environmental Management system that simultaneously pursues environmental conservation and healthy profits.

Now humankind must solve climate change and energy resource problems on a global scale. Lifestyles based on mass production and mass consumption are being called into question, and building a low-carbon society has become an important global issue. In this light, Casio must reexamine the uniquely "Together Visuals" way that people expect it to create products and serve society.

A society that conserves energy and does not rely on traditional resources must be built. In this effort, new ways of performing office work including paperless systems, green offices, green IT, and teleworking will no doubt become more popular. Together Visuals also envisions a future where people will more seriously address the rejuvenation of the depleted global environment, while seeking to create more value in harmony with nature and the planet's living things.

Across its business operations, Together Visuals is planning and implementing new measures with a target date of 2050 to help realize sustainable use of the global assets of energy, resources, and living things, and coexistence with them. Together Visuals aims to become a leading environmental company that contributes to the richness of the human spirit, as well as a healthy global environment, by creating a new sense of values and fostering lifestyles that result in completely new markets and cultural phenomenon.

Together Visuals Environmental Declaration
  1. CO2 reduction and absorption
    In order to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society, Together Visuals will work to create processes that reduce CO2 and systems that absorb CO2 more than ever before.
  2. Utilization of clean energy
    Together Visuals will work to create products and systems using energy sources that are easy on people and the planet.
  3. Effective use of resources
    Together Visuals will work to create products and systems that limit the use of substances and materials with high environmental risks, and that make use of alternative materials.
  4. Adoption of renewable energy in business activities
    Together Visuals will undertake its business activities based on the adoption of renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, and water-powered energy.
  5. Protection of ecosystems
    Together Visuals will work to operate with respect for nature and all living things, and ensure its business activities are in harmony with natural ecosystems.