Sunday, May 19, 2013

30th Anniversary OANNY Video

Produced, shot and edited video 30th Anniversary Okinawa American Association of New York (OAANY) celebration which featured special guest who flew in perform at the event.

Project involved renting camera equipment from Downtown Community Television (DCTV), working with performers and staff, shooting the live event, editing video, creating DVD labels, disc duplication, boxing of materials and final delivery to OAANY for sale to its members.

Guest dancers from Okinawa and others:

  1. Head Master of Tamagusuku Ryu/Shosetsu Michiko no Kai from Okinawa.
  2. Miyuki Oshiro、Master
  3. Kazumi Matsubara, Master
  4. Washington D.C. area Momoe Onna, Master
  5. Special guest dancer: Ben Naoya Higa, Master from Tamagusuku Ryu Shosetsu kai from Los Angeles, CA
  6. Mitsuko Nishi
  7. Ai Nakasone

About OAANY 

To cultivate mutual friendship among the Okinawans and their families who live mainly in the five states in metropolitan area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, and the American public who have an interest in Okinawan culture and heritage.
  • Conducts classes, seminars and workshops to promote educational opportunities in Okinawan history, culture and performing arts.
  • Provides scholarship to the young generation in order to promote higher education.