Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Day: 40th Anniversary Show on Cable TV

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a 28 minute show about Kids' ISO 14000 Programme will be broadcast on Manhattan cable TV. The show highlights the closing ceremony for Kids' ISO14000 Programme at NYC Public School IS227 and signing ceremony at United Nations in New York in order to start Kids'  ISO 14000 programme in Ontario public schools.

Prof. Takaya Kawabe

The Kids' ISO 14000 Programme develops environmental awareness among children and young people. It teaches them to implement environmental management based on the ISO 14000 approach in their homes and communities. The program opens them to the value of networking with young people in other schools, communities and countries in order to bring the force of collective action to global environmental issues.
The Kids' ISO 14000 Programme begins by developing environmental awareness - but goes much further. What makes it special is that it nurtures autonomous, "environmentally mature" children and young people who are confident in their ability to act positively on the environment.
They learn by their own experience that their actions can have a beneficial impact on the environment. In addition, they learn to network with children in other schools, communities and countries and so discover that collective action can be a force multiplier for resolving global environmental issues.
About KIDS ISO 14000 Programme
The Kids' ISO 14000 Programme was created by Prof. Takaya Kawabe and Ms. Miyuki Koyama, respectively President and Secretary-General of the Japanese non-profit, non-governmental organization ArTech which operates the program. 
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Show was re-broadcast many times on public access tv organizations below.